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About Us

who We Are:

Sudanese Orgnization for Higher Education Development Support (SOHEDS) is a Scientific, research, independent, non-profit technical association, established in November 2019, working in the field of supporting the development of Sudanese Higher Education institutions according to the laws and regulations of higher education, by spreading and enhancing the culture of quality and continuous development by supporting the development plans approved by these institutions, transferring pioneering experiences in the fields of e-learning, scientific research, academic guidance and professional training with the creation of scientific and research partnerships between Sudanese universities and their regional and international counterparts. The association consists of four units: quality and continuous development, scientific research, e-learning and distance education, academic guidance and professional and community service.

Our Vision

To be an enriching resource of best practices in the development of institutional quality, scientific research, and community service in Sudanese Universities.


Achieving highest levels of comprehensive quality and distinction in educational process, scientific research, community service, and enhancements of universities’ performance locally, regionally, and globally.


  • Help in dissemination and promoting a culture of comprehensive quality and Continuous development throughout Sudanese Universities outputs.
  • Engage in formulating strategic and developmental plans based on adopted
  • benchmarks to advance the educational, scholarly and service-based process in Sudanese Universities.
  • Help transmit successful experiences and expertise in e-learning, scientific research and community services to Sudanese Universities.
  • Coordination between scientific and research institutions in various areas and levels.

Implementation mechanisms

  • Contribute to improve and enhance scientific research and scientific publication mechanisms.
  • Participate in supervising scientific research and creating its own databases.
  • Participate in preparing training courses, meetings, and workshops, and exchange experiences to enrich the research field at the university level.
  • Participate in strengthening the relationship of universities with society through the practical application of scientific research outcomes.